Real Estate Broker Coaching


The one thing they don't teach you in Real Estate School is . . . how to get the business!

You know how to manage a transaction.  Do you know how to find, attract and get the business?  Consistent growth is one of the biggest challenges in sales, especially in real estate.   Whether you are an introvert, a social butterfly or an MBA, there are certain tactics and strategies that every brokers must master in order to sustain growth and success in an every changing market. 



Matt's expertise is informed by 20+ in corporate sales, 20+ years as an actor, playwright and Improvisation instructor (Second City Training Center).   The interactive nature of all TIG courses allowed Matt to learn from some of Chicago's most successful brokers.  12 years of teaching over 2,000 brokers (including #1 broker, several top 50 brokers and teams) has afforded Matt a perspective that very few brokers or coaches have.    He draws from that unique experience to help you improve your presentation, negotitation and analytic skills.

Matt Tiegler , Sales and RE Coach

Matt Tiegler is the founder of The Idea Group, a sales and real estate training organization that builds customized training workshops around the idea that selling, negotiation and business skills are best learned while doing the skill rather than in a passive, academic setting.  

In 2005 TIG began teaching attorneys, sales executives and real estate brokers how to improve their business results while expanding their confidence . . . while having a ton of fun!   Over the years, the 12 hour Improv for Realtors class grew into 10 specialized training courses with over 32 hours of interactive, immersive learning.

Most brokers know WHAT they should be doing to grow their business, but can't seem to identify or overcome the obstacles that are holding them back.  

TIG workshops provide a supportive environment AND a challenging experience to get you doing the things that you've been avoiding.  What brokers often avoid is the very thing that will double their business.