"Matt's classes take what we do and elevate it to a whole new level!"

- Leigh Marcus, 166 transactions in 2016




"Matt's classes are truly amazing. Very helpful in growing my business."

- Thomas Downing, 2016 North Shore Rookie of the year!





Broker and Managing Broker Feedback

"I'm a 1 year Broker with @properties and early in my career I took a few of Matt's classes. Things are going AMAZINGLY well and Matt's workshop helped me maintain value and secure a very high commission rate."  

- Lisa B, Chicago

"Matt's workshop was and still is the best class I've taken in the real estate world (and really since college... in real world applications).  Since having taken the class, my average commission rate went from 5% to 6%. My business has more than doubled.  It really helped me to confidently articulate my worth to my clients."  

- Cory A, Highland Park 

"I first participated in Matt's agent development workshop in 2011 as a broker and saw immediate results in my business. Most importantly, I saw an Improvement in the results I was able to get for my clients, buying or selling. Today, I am a managing broker; in this capacity I direct my brokers to Matt for his training, advice and counsel."

- Don S. - Managing Broker, #1 office in Evanston

"Matt is personally responsible for much of my agents growth in their business over the years. His specially designed classes enabled them to create great systems of communication with their clients by clearly identifying and articulating their value proposition.  He is an exceptional communicator and specializes in listening. I have sat in many of his custom created classes and always walked out a more effective leader."

- George S, - 2015 Managing Broker of the Year

"I would recommend Matt as a real estate coach to all.  Matt is not only educated on what he does he also takes the time to get to know you and what you're looking for in his service."

- Joe Z.  MKT Properties, Chicago (2012 Industry MVP)

"I have had many professional mentors and business coaches over the years— but Matt Tiegler stands apart as the best! After attending his class, I immediately signed up for all of his other courses, because in one short hour, Matt completely changed the direction of my marketing.  After asking me a series of questions, Matt offered the unique ability of pin-pointing my company’s value proposition in a way that no other coach or mentor before has identified.  He then helped me to capitalize on this new direction and offered ideas for implementation. I left our first session with a brand new marketing strategy that was light years ahead and much more effective than any I had previously employed. He offers a balance of creativity, psychology and business-mindedness."

-Olivia C, Chicago broker

"I can tell you that Matt has made a major impact on my career through his coaching skills and the programs he has put together. His ability to customize his classes to market conditions, changing environments, etc has allowed me to grow my business in good markets and bad.  The best part about Matt's classes is that they translate to all industries.  I highly recommend you hire Matt if you are a realtor, sales manager or business owner.

-Dennis H, 2016 Chicago Industry MVP 


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