In 2005 Matt launched "Improv for Realtors."  In addition to being an extremely fun way to build meaningful relationships with other brokers, this 12 hour workshop (over 6 weeks) was designed to do 3 things:

1)  Provide a safe workshop environment in which brokers could gently stretch the limits of their courage, confidence and people skills over the course of 6 weeks so that they were able to overcome their unconscious limiting bad habits.  

2) Teach brokers how to increase their income by improving the results they deliver to their buyers and sellers.

3)  Strengthen a brokers ability to solve problems as they come up.  Improvisation can be thought of as CROSS TRAINING WORKOUT for problem solving skills.  

After 7 years of teaching IFR to hundreds of Chicago brokers, Matt introduced "Advanced Improv for Realtors" which included more challenging problem solving skills as well as on-site networking events.   Of the hundreds and hundreds of brokers who have participated in IFR, there have been literally dozens who described themselves as "Terrified by the idea of performing in front of others."  Some had to overcome sever anxiety to complete this class and almost all brokers graduate with a sense of great confidence which they apply to building their business via networking.  


Referrals are the easiest and least expensive way to grow your business.  Most brokers get 75% or more of their business from referrals.  This course teaches brokers how to make friends and clients "want to" refer business.  Brokers also learn a follow up methodology that will make it easy for people to refer business while educating them on HOW to refer you.


Matt has had the unique opportunity to coach dozens of (truly) top performing brokers.  There are several things that ALL top producers do in order to create long term success.  This course will not only teach a broker WHAT they should be doing, but also provides a process that will keep the broker on track.


Brokers give buyers and sellers a lot of advice.  One of the most effective ways to deliver advice is using stories.  Storyselling is a very specific skill that provides built-in evidence.  This workshop teaches brokers how to effectively communicate strategic advice in the form of a story so that the listener understands that the "advice" is not merely an opinion, but rather a proven process.  Brokers learn how to leverage past successes and failures to help clients understand the pro's and con's of making particular decisions.  


Broker Bootcamp is for the broker who "knows" what they should be doing but needs a coach or personal trainer of sorts to push them to the next level of success.   Matt specializes in helping individual brokers discover and access strengths and abilities they were unable to reach alone.